Science outreach and mentoring experience


2017. The publication of our vizcacha rat study "Evolution of the largest mammalian genome" garners press attention from ScienceDaily, CBC Radio, and a blog post from The Molecular Ecologist.

2017. The journal Evolution wrote a news article about our analyses of the timing and rates of species diversification in sigmodontine mice.

2015. Chilean newspaper Diario Austral wrote an article on our description of a new mouse, Abrothrix manni, from Valdivian rainforests.

2015. YouTube show The Brain Scoop features our work on the evolutionary distinctiveness of naked mole-rats (now with 118,000+ views!!!).

2014. News story on my work with Bruce Patterson: "Naked mole-rats: Not a mole, not a rat, and not an African mole-rat".

2014. Upham, N. S. At the edge of what we know. The Human Geographic, issue 1 (online multi-media magazine; this is a popular article I wrote on vizcacha rat fieldwork in Argentina).

2014. My postdoc advisor, Ben Evans, and I made a short animated video explaining aspects of our research on genome expansion in vizcacha rats.

2013. News story about my research on Committee on Evolutionary Biology website: "DNA suggests two-way street between the Andes and Amazon for spiny rats...and birds, butterflies, frogs...".

2013. News story on my moonlight research on UChicago website: Do Small Rodents in the Desert Really Avoid Moonlight?


2017. Science Fair judge at Worthington Hooker Middle School (New Haven).

2014-15. Weekly tutor, Empowerment Squared program for Liberian immigrants (Hamilton, Canada).

2013-14. Weekly tutor, Reading Buddies and Homework Help programs, Hamilton Public Library.

2012-15. My research on digital touch-screen, Field Museum’s DNA Discovery Center exhibit (Chicago).

2012-13. Led “Talk to the Scientist Hour” programs, Field Museum’s Pritzker Laboratory (Chicago).

2012. Presented on comparative vertebrate anatomy to 8-12th graders, Project Exploration’s Junior Paleontologists summer course (Chicago).

2012. Discussed science careers with 7th grade class, Young Women’s Leadership School (Chicago).

2011. Presented on mammal biology to 8-12th graders, Project Exploration’s All Girls Expedition summer course (Chicago).

2010-12. Presented mammal specimens to 7-8th graders, Project Exploration’s Sisters4Science (Chicago).

2010. Weekly tutoring in 8th grade geometry, Canter Middle School (Chicago).


2016. Yale University student, mentored summer biodiversity research as part of the Map of Life project.

2012. Loyola University student, working in the Field Museum Pritzker Laboratory. Mentored her summer & honors research on molecular techniques for bat phylogenetics project.

2012. Cornell University student, working in the Field Museum Division of Mammals. Mentored her summer research project on rodent geometric morphometrics and feeding ecology.

2011. University of Wisconsin Madison student, working in the Field Museum Division of Mammals. Mentored her summer project on rodent life-history traits and evolution.

2006-7. Occidental College student, working in the Moore Laboratory of Zoology. Mentored her summer & honors research on the molecular phylogenetics of kangaroo mice.