Started new faculty job at ASU!

Great news amid an otherwise hectic beginning to 2020: I started a new faculty job at Arizona State University! My new title is officially Assistant Research Professor and Associate Curator of Mammals, as affiliated within the School of Life Sciences and Biodiversity Knowledge Integration Center (BioKIC).

This position is made possible by special initiative funds of the BioKIC for furthering domain-specific goals in integrative taxonomy. My domain of course being mammals! Really excited to jumping into this position, especially with the added stewardship of the ASU Mammal Collections. Its a small collection of ~9,000 current specimens (query them in our Symbiota portal here!), but with great potential to grow, especially in association with the new NEON Biorepository being hosted at ASU. Major kudos to my new colleagues Nico Franz and Beckett Sterner for enabling my smooth transition to ASU.

Look for much more from me in regards to the ASU Mammalia collections in the coming months. For now, lets all stay healthy & properly isolated in this Covid-19 pandemic – or as ASU President Michael Crow told us: “Stay frosty!