Mammal tree in PLOS Biology

Hasta la victoria, siempre!

Excited to have our Mammalia-wide phylogenies now published in the latest PLOS Biology and available for all to use – these were burning a hole in my laptop for too long! In the end, we decided to split the original bioRxiv paper in half, publishing the the methodology for building the new trees separately from the diversification analyses upon the trees. The latter is still in review, but posted to a new version on bioRxiv.

Be sure to check out the Mammals section of the website, where I created a central explainer and downloader for the data paper.

Also honored that PLOS Biology decided to place our Fig 1 on the cover of their December 2019 issue. The article already has an Altmetric of 400 and 10,000+ views, which is rewarding after having spent the last 4 years stewarding this project to the finish line.

Gratitude to the 6,069 individual authors of 1,934 published studies on Genbank, and the numerous natural history museums housing those mammal specimens, for contributing the genetic data that enabled this synthetic study.